Mobile Fire Pump Trolley


Imagine how frustrating it would be to have a bushfire moving towards your home, and having a swimming pool with 30,000 to 90,000 litres of water sitting there with no way to use it to protect  your property?


Protect your home and valuables with the water stored in your backyard swimming pool. Our mobile fire pump with a sprinkler system using your pools water is like having a fire truck already on the scene, protecting your home. A stand alone off grid  fire protection system makes sense.


No problem, this system also connects to a water tank.

Trolley with 36M fire reel

Fire pump trolley mobile

Ready To Go

Be ready when you see smoke with this trolley, it can be pumping water within 5 minutes. 

Low Maintenance and Secure

You can store the pump in your garage or shed, protecting it from the elements. Maintenance will still need to be carried out but there is no need to worry about corrosion or tyres going flat.   

Power is up to you

Pump selection is determined by your needs, 

  • single or double impeller 
  • Diesel or Petrol
  • Horsepower 

or if you already have a pump we can use it.

Pump trolley

Evolved Bushfire Fire Pump Trolley

Don't Break Your Back

Fire pumps are heavy! Moving them around is a two person job unless you have on of our trolleys. 

Adapted to your requirements

Off road or down a path, the wheels make all the difference. The trolley pictured used solid tyres and was designed for a path, off road trolleys feature run-flat tyres. 

Vibration Kept in Check

Fire pumps vibrate when operating, that's why the move around. We use rubber mounts to isolate the trolley from the motor, drastically reducing vibration.

Trolley in action

An old video of one of our trolleys being set up and run. 

Please forgive the quality of the clip.