Evolved Bushfire Sprinklers

Evolved Sprinklers


The Evolved sprinkler system is always at the ready.

Permanently mounted the sprinkler heads are located at the edge of your roof, ideal for wetting down walls, windows and doors.  

Designed locally using Copper and Brass components, Evolved Sprinklers offer a reliable solution to protect your home from ember attack.  


  • The sprinklers are hard piped and can be activated from the ground when required.
  • The water efficient sprinkler heads use only 5 Litres per Minute @ 100 KPa each to drenching your home. 
  • The water can be supplied by towns water, though we recommend using a stand alone system including a fire fighting pump, Static Water Supply.

Sprinkler in action

The Evolved Bushfire Sprinkler System is designed to stand alone.

Each sprinkler covers a 10M diameter while using only 5 Litres per minute @ 100 KPa. 

The efficient system continues to protect your home if the electricity and towns water fails.