Fire Pump Fittings

Poly Camlocks

poly camlock types

Great value and tough, we choose Poly Camlocks when a pool is used as a water source as they are corrosion resistant and are UV stabilised. 

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Aluminium Camlocks

aluminium camlock fittings

Robust and hard wearing, Aluminium camlocks will take a beating. Not ideal for us with pool water these are better suited to water tank system. 

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Storz Fittings

storz fittings

A universal hose coupling used to connect hoses to a fire pump or tank, forged Aluminium Storz fitting are required on Static Water Supplies.

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Adapters for Fire Pump

fire pump adapters

Setting up your pump can be confusing, we have assembled a range of adapters to attach hoses to your fire fighting pump. 

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fire hoses

We have a range of hoses available, give us a call to discuss your needs.



Coming soon!


There are many options to consider when setting up a system and so many parts. We can help make sense of it all, call today to discuss your needs and we can design or simply supply the parts to get you bushfire ready!