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Our external sprinklers systems are protecting homes in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, 

Blue Mountains and the Southern Highlands. 

Our Rainmaker Bushfire Sprinkler is protecting home all over Australia.

Home owners trust us because of our product knowledge and experience.

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35 Years of Engineering Behind Each System

Using the skills gained during his 35 years as a mechanical engineer, we design and manufacture our systems to suit your needs.

Wether it is a stand alone external fire pump and hose or an automated external sprinkler systems.

Our systems will continue to supply water pressure when mains water supply and electricity fails.  


Woollamia NSW


 After somehow just surviving a bushfire passing through the property a number of years ago and the stress involved, I was thrilled when I saw an advertisement for a bushfire sprinkler system that attaches to the house, rather than running around with a garden hose hoping to achieve something.

I was happy to see Mick  arrive to set up the system on the roof and around the house as well as a few extra sprinklers in the yard.

For the past couple of years I’ve had peace of mind since the property now has a much better chance of surviving the next bushfire. Mick doesn’t forget about you either and makes sure the system stays maintained and functioning.

J. Coxon. 

Mudgeerada Qld

Home protected by bushfire sprinkler

 We recently worked with Mike to set up stand alone sprinkler systems for our house and barn. As we live in a Hinterland acreage setting, fire is always a concern. We are extremely happy with the Rainmaker Bushfire equipment and system and know that in the next high risk period, we are in a much safer position with a plan and system we trust. Thanks! 

Jennifer O'hara

Bush Fire Protection Equipment Maintenance


Fire Pump, Hose and Sprinkler Maintenance

Installing a fire pump or external sprinkler system shows that you are aware of the risk to your home and want to be prepared. 

All that preparation can come undone if your equipment is not maintained. 

We can maintain your tank, pump and sprinklers ensuring they are ready when you need them.

We offer a 3, 6 month service schedule.

Retro Fitting Older Homes


Was your home built before the new regulations?

We will come and give you our assessment and steer you in the right direction so you can be ready when the next fire approaches. 

Use our experience and knowledge to make sense of all the information out there and to spend your hard earned money on effective solutions. 

Our first consultation is free. 

Bal Report Compliance


Our guidance will save you time & money!

Once you recieve your B.A.L Report you then have to act on the recommendations. 

This can be daunting and costly if you aren't familiar with fire protection equipment, without guidance you could spend more than you need to on the wrong equipment.

We have heard of many cases where a home owner has been sold a water transfer pump instead of a fire pump, a transfer pump pushes a lot of water at low pressure and a fire pump pushes a lot of water at high pressure. 

We are interested in getting you the right equipment the first time and not wasting your money, it matters to us. 

Community Presentation

We are happy to come and talk to community groups about the bush fire risk, we offer an alternative to the fire services.

Our methods are based around preparing your home and community, the fire services are stretched when a bushfire emergency occurs, our aim is to help you help them protect your home.