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Evolved Bushfire design and install stand alone external water spray systems that envelop your home in water, 

cooling the area and helping to extinguish flying hot embers. Engineered to be water efficient, low maintenance and easy to use. Our bush fire sprinkler systems will also help defend your home from direct flame contact.  

If you intend to stay and defend don’t leave your water supply to chance. 

Investing in a  external water spray system makes good sense.

Prepartion is the best defence.

Evolved Bushfire sprinkler systems are protecting homes all over Australia.

A Simple and effective way to protect your home

Bushfires are on the Rise


“When we have major fires in NSW, there will not be a fire truck at everybody’s door every time they need them” NSW Rural Fire Service.

"Over 90% of homes destroyed during a bush fire are the result of ember attack!"  CSIRO

Bushfire Sprinklers save Homes

External sprinklers fire protection

A external bush fire sprinkler envelops your home in water, extinguishing hot embers, cooling windows, wetting vegetation and other flammable surfaces.

We can design a system to suit your needs or Do It Yourself with our Rainmaker Sprinklers.

Why Trust Evolved


Trust our experience

  • FPA Austrlia Bronze Member
  • 30 years in mechanical engineering.
  •  6 years  in the design and manufacture of external water spray systems.
  • Our systems are protecting hundreds of homes around Australia.

Don't waste your time and money on equipment that won't preform or may fail when under harsh conditions, our rubust equipment will stand up to the challenge.


EWSS In Action

D.I.Y Rainmaker Sprinkler in action

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